Projects in Post Production at DigitalEd

online education videoAs the 2013 year comes to a close we are in production editing and posting two online video projects for clients. We are putting together an online version of SRI’s course “Five Disciplines of Innovation” featuring Dennis Tsu. This class is wildly popular around the world and now SRI is taking it to an online education format. Yes we did the shoot on a green screen set at the SRI campus. Let us know if your production needs green screen and we can set that up.


We are also helping Babson College professor Allan Cohen and his partner David Bradford video for online educationput their course “Leadership for Entrepreneurs” in an online video format. This class was shot over the course of two days at the Babson College location in SF CA.

Both of these course will make their online debut in the coming months of 2014 using MOOC platforms such as NovoEd.

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