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Video Production Services

Video Production Services

online video moocTop universities and educators globally are discovering the impact of online education using video more creatively than ever before. While the traditional online classes still often feature lectures shot by robotically controlled cameras in a classroom or professors speaking to their web cams, there are novel ways to break up the material and make it more interesting to the online student.  Well-edited and produced video “chapters” can make online classes both engaging and educational.

Designing classes for online consumption can be daunting.  Our former broadcast network correspondents, producers, camera operators and editors have more than 90 years experience engaging viewers.  We can  help guide instructors in managing the often overwhelming process of producing an online class.  We can help instructors create a class any instructor or program would be proud to call their own.

online education video -Video Production ServicesThe key to avoiding extensive production budgets for online classes is to use “boot camps” for a more cost effective approach resulting in streamlined, well-produced video classes.   As many online instructors are discovering, signing up students to enroll in online classes is often much less difficult than keeping them engaged enough to finish the course. We recommend instructors break up the classes into shorter chapters, allowing online students to absorb and retain information more easily.

We offer a variety of packages.  There are those for instructors who would like to do it themselves, but need a little help in getting started and a variety for those who would like a high quality video production from start to finish.


Basic Video Training Session

There is an art to making even webcam videos look and sound good.  Our extensive backgrounds in network television makes us experts when it comes to presentation, storytelling and technical tips for recording videos.

For instructors who would like to video tape and produce their own classes, we can offer a technical and presentation training session.   In these informative and lively sessions, we discuss all the best ways to record videos, even if you are simply doing it on your webcam.  Using the proper lighting, making sure your audio is the best possible, positioning the camera for your best shot or angle, and making sure you “dress up” yourself and the background can really help the overall look, feel and sound of the video.

For many instructors, lecturing before a student audience may be their passion but the thought of lecturing to a webcam is a turnoff.  Presentation means everything in engaging online students and we can help you make your on-camera appearances and lectures come to life.  Our staff are expert media trainers who have been presenting to audiences for decades.



We offer an easy effective way for instructors to deliver their material to the online student allowing participants to absorb the maximum amount of academic material for the time spent in front of their computers. We have devised two day “boot camps” for instructors to conduct their courses with/or without an interactive student audience.  The course work for video is broken down into short chapters.  Our video teams, comprised of former network news cameramen, editors and producers work with the instructors to help consolidate the material into these shorter segments.  We can film Video Production Serviceson location and transform an office space into a “classroom”.  The instructor can then conduct the mini lectures consecutively.   Stock video or fresh footage can also be used.  We edit all appropriate slides separately.  Should instructors choose to have student questions and interaction to break up the class, those would be edited into the course and presented almost like a short news story.  You only have to see a poorly lit lecture or hear a bad interview online to understand the importance of good lighting and sound.  Our premier packages provide professional lighting and audio so that the online students can effectively see and hear the instructor’s lectures and interviews clearly to maximize their experience.

Even the most experienced lecturers sometimes have trouble speaking to a camera without a student audience.  We offer the use of a teleprompter that is easy to use and makes the delivery of material effortless.  It also reduces the need for “re-takes” or the instructor possibly forgetting to include something in the material and remembering later.

All Premium Services include:

  • Technical/presentation training session with the video design team
  • Consultations regarding chapter breakdowns for video
  • Coaching and script assistance during production by former network producers and correspondents
  • A menu of music and templates for slides and graphics to select
  • Use of a teleprompter


  • Two camera /two day studio shoot with a professional camera operator and a former news network producer to guide the instructor through the process.
  • Includes state-of-the-art lighting and sound equipment.
  • Teleprompter for use as a ‘script’ guide
  • Logging and transcription of raw video
  • Creative consultation and reviews with the client regarding material
  • The two camera angles of the mini lectures in classroom or onsite will be edited together with graphics, opening and closing slates, slides and other visual material from the classes adding music if desired.

Add-on services offered include:

  • Spanish language production/translation
  • Location filming
  • Use of stock video and/or animation

(Add-on prices TBD depending upon the scope of the project)


Our premier package looks and feels like a class “made for television” complete with a live student audience invited by the instructor.  The three camera /two day studio shoot is conducted by two professional camera operators and a former network news producer to help guide instructors through the process.  It includes state-of-the-art lighting and sound equipment.  The videos would include a front shot of the instructor, a wide shot, and side angle shots of instructor as well as students.  The video editing from three cameras allows the instructor to tell a story with his or her material, keeping the online participants engaged.

Students with a background in the subject will be in a small audience resembling a classroom, to ask questions.  The questions and lecture are edited together with graphics, opening and closing slates, slides and other visual material from the classes.

Three Camera/Two Day Shoot

  • Includes two camera operators with three cameras (one providing a wide shot of the class) and a producer to guide the instructor through the process
  • Live seminar style student audience versed in the subject matter to ask questions
  • State-of-the-art sound and lighting equipment.  (Both instructors and students will have microphones to allow for clear, crisp interactions during questions and answer periods.)
  • Teleprompter available as a script guide
  • The three camera angles will be edited together with graphics, opening and closing slates, slides and other visual material from the classes and music added if desired.
  • Logs and transcriptions of all three cameras
  • Editing and effects
  • Creative consultations and reviews with client regarding material

Add-on services offered include:

  • Spanish language production/translation
  • Location filming
  • Use of stock video and/or animation

(Add-on prices TBD depending upon the scope of the project)

Video Production Services

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