online education videoWhen Patricio del Sol first came to us with his proposition, it presented an interesting challenge. Del Sol, a Stanford graduate and professor at the University of Santiago in Chile, wanted to film a MOOC (a massive open online class) on Strategic Decision Making in Spanish in Silicon Valley.

None of us are fluent in Spanish, but we were excited about the project. We were able to find through an old friend at Telemundo (the Spanish language TV station in San Francisco) a wonderful Emmy award winning editor and producer, Joanna Hidalgo. Joanna would keep us ALL honest (including del Sol) when it came to sticking to the script and editing. Del Sol didn’t want to have students in the class and wanted very short (2-4 minute) chapters. He also didn’t want to teach the chapters off the top of his head, so it was our first opportunity to use the teleprompter for the entire class. We decided to use a variety of locations, inside an office. and two outdoor settings. We had a delightful two days filming with del Sol.

Del Sol also used some original animated cartoons from a friend of his in Chile which illustrated the themes of each chapter. Joanna and Rusty went on to help out with PR as it was one of the first Spanish language MOOC’s where the subject matter dealt with more advanced business principles. As it turns out more than 100 thousand people signed up for his class!

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