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What Clients are saying about DigitalEd:

The DigitalEd video team has done a great job capturing video of our online classes and then producing for best online consumption by our students. They show up on time, set things up professionally and then they go to work doing the job like the pros they are. It has made life easier for me to work with this team of video professionals.

Clint Korver, NovoEd

My experience with Rockk Video Productions was extremely positive. They created a professional setting in a classroom and video recorded my lectures for an online course at Stanford University. Subsequently, they edited the videos and integrated them with my lecture slides. Rockk Video Productions provided a professional, friendly and supportive service, and the final product was of the highest quality. Thanks to the job well done by Rockk Video Productions, my MOOC class was extremely successful and the lecture videos received praise by the students.

Dariush Rafinejad, PhD, Stanford University

“It was a total pleasure to work with such incredible professionals, who not only understood what we wanted to do, but made it easy to do our best work, gave us numerous suggestions that improved the final product, and did it all with good humor and positive support.”

Allen Cohen, Babson College

I think the shoot and edit of my videos for my MOOC are outstanding.  Your video team  did a great job helping  me to speak to the camera. That for me was a new and very difficult task.  And you produced impeccable videos for my course which was very successful.  I am very happy with the job you did on this project.

Patricio del Sol, Universidad Católica de Chile

I have been incredibly pleased with Rockk Video’s work.  The team did a great job creating several recording for me to be used in my online Stanford classes.   Their recording turned out great and the experience was very professional and positive.

Matt Abrahams

Kevin and his team did an awesome job with our video project.  Not only was the work quality great, but it was fun, as well.

Jason Mendelson – Foundry Group

We decided to take our new book “Venture Deals” and make an online education course out of it and put it in the rapidly growing MOOC education space. We have done video before but this time we hired DigitalEd out of CA to come to our Boulder headquarters and shoot the video portion of our course. The DigitalEd crew (Rusty, Chuck, and Kevin) came in and id a thoroughly professional job . They turned a room in our office into a studio that looked great. They kept us all on track and the video came out great for our class.

Brad Feld, Foundry Group

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